Water-free Kraft Paper Tape And Wet Kraft Paper Tape Video
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Product Description

Excellent holding power, stable quality and light unwinding force. Easy to tear, widely used for packaging, carton sealing. kraft paper tape has writable and unwritable types. Kraft paper Gummed tape is activated by water for special use.



1.Eco-friendly,waterproof, heat resistance, easy tear, strong adhesion and tensile strength, recycled .

2.Basics Kraft paper based , painting PE one side, coating natural rubber or hot melt adhesive on the back. We have general Kraft tape and water activated Kraft tape. 3.Good adhesion to the surface of product, when peeling it would damage the surface of packing.

4.Special quality and specification can be customized



Jointing paper, sealing box, bounding articles, apply to crack of home decoration, machine parts and electronic product etc.



Thread Kraft Tape: Tensile strong, hard to break, writable, printable, Initial tcak strong after watering, Temperature-resistance


No Thread Kraft Tape: Writable, Temperature-resistance and easy tear.



Applies to the use of paper, export carton packaging, as well as the clothing industry's sticky hair.