Video For Aluminum Foil Fireproof Heat Insulation Materials Manufacturer
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Aluminum foil fireproof heat insulation materials applications

1. Insulation series

Cold, warm air conditioning pipe insulation

Ship pipeline insulation

Natural gas, oil pipeline

High-speed rail, car


2. Appliance manufacturing industry

Refrigerator, freezer


Cabinet, gas stove

3. applications in construction, aerospace, automotive, appliance, maintenance, repair and operations and many more segments. They are also thermally conductive for heating/cooling efficiency.

4. Suitable for refrigeration, such as indoor air conditioning pipes, refrigerators, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, cabinets, gas stove roof waterproofing, pipeline temporary sealing, heat pipe encapsulation, BGA computer motherboard circuit board welding insulation, flue sealing, Automotive air conditioning, car exhaust pipe trap leakage insulation, stone cotton, motorcycle exhaust pipe, car air conditioning, car engine insulation, mailbox trapping, kitchen perimeter.image