Video For Aluminium Foil Adhesive Insulation Tape Manufacturer In China
- Nov 25, 2018 -


Our main product: aluminum foil adhesive tape


main application:

1. Prevent leakage, flame retardant, emergency repair, shield against interference

2. Strong insulation, suitable for temperature: -70 degrees to 300 degrees, cold, warm air-conditioning pipe insulation, ship pipe insulation, natural gas, oil pipelines, high-speed rail, automotive

3. Suitable for a variety of pipe encapsulation

4. Suitable for refrigeration, such as indoor air-conditioning pipes, refrigerators, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, cabinets, gas stove roof waterproofing, temporary sealing pipes, heat pipe encapsulation, BGA computer motherboard circuit board welding insulation, flue Sealing, Automotive Air Conditioning, Automotive Exhaust Pipe Tightening and Heat Insulation, Stone Used Cotton, Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe, Automotive Air Conditioning, Automotive Engine Insulation, Mailbox Trap, Kitchen Peripheral

5. Screen Printing Signs, Membrane Switches, Die Cut Gaskets, Electronics Industry

6. Refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, electronics industry. All kinds of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA / PDP / LCD monitors, computer notebooks, photocopiers and other electronic products require electromagnetic shielding away.

7. Pipe insulation, transport preservation, life insulation, construction anti-heat

8. Rigid pipe and flexible pipe rigid duct board and flexible duct

9. Strengthen the steam seal on the glass fiber tube sheet

10. High-performance air duct is closed

11. Excellent cold weather performance

12. Used for reflection, wrapping, shielding, sealing and other applications from ventilation ducts to washing machines,Sed for reflecting, wrapping, masking, sealing, and more in applications from air ducts to washing machines

13. Harsh applications in construction, aerospace, automotive, appliance, maintenance, repair and operation, and more. They also have a heat-conducting function that can be used for heating/cooling efficiency.