The Choice Of Tape Is Differentiated
- Oct 08, 2018 -

Common life in the ordinary sealing packaging tape (bopp biaxial stretch polypropylene) is any enterprise, company, personal life indispensable daily necessities, but relative to the current domestic situation, manufacturers, although many, technology is Uneven. And the domestic tape industry in the technical content is still in a very low stage, the country does not have a clear choice.

People often know the tape in a very ignorant stage, that the price is low, feel good viscosity, in fact, these are the wrong understanding and Judgment. So how to choose the good or bad tape? In fact, the adhesive tape is good or bad in the use of two standards, one is the initial adhesion, one is to maintain the force, the two are inversely proportional. In general, the adhesive tape is less than 10th is the glue coated teaching less, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery tape, general promotional binding Tape. The normal sealing tape of the initial adhesion between 15-20, the thickness of this adhesive tape is generally 22-28 microns. is the thickness that conforms to the Standard.

But most of the tape in the market is mixed with impurities, so the thickness increases, for masking impurities, glue also mixed with colored powder, so the transparent tape has appeared the Egg yellow, light green, This tape is generally inferior. How does the color tape distinguish good or bad? For colored tapes, It is generally more yellow and earthy yellow. You can see the purity and transparency of the original film by pinching the adhesive and then pulling it off quickly to detach the glue from the Side. can also look at the thickness of the glue, if there is no glue is pulled open or point-shaped, the glue is a large amount of impurities, glue has no cohesion. Two is too much water, has been volatile, at this time this adhesive tape has dropped very strong, feel can be distinguished. In fact, there are many different ways to distinguish the quality of the tape, as long as the attention in life, you can distinguish the quality of the Tape.