Choice Of Tape
- Oct 08, 2018 -

There are many kinds of adhesive tape, and the surface of the adhesive is also a lot of different kinds of tape, so the performance and strength of various brands, so in the procurement of tapes need to consider the following several factors: The Microporous property of the adhesive to be pasted: as a result of adhesive tape adhesion, is in the adhesive tape surface adhesive moisture in the adhesive paste after the rapid drying and adhesive tape becomes a part of the adhesive, so the adhesive surface of the Micro-pore for the choice of adhesive tape is very important, if the micro-porous material is more hygroscopic,

It is necessary to use adhesive rapid condensation of the tape, the reverse is the slow condensation of the tape or contain more adhesive tape. Adhesive tape Surface Adhesive: adhesive tape in the manufacturer at the bottom of the adhesive, usually to fully dry after finishing into a volume, if the adhesive tape is too damp, the tapes themselves will be very tightly glued together, the use of difficult to open, some simply can not be used.