What kind of adhesive tape?
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Special adhesive tapes: water tape, Hitachi tape, tesa tape, high temperature tape, imported tape, OPP tape, color tape, heat-resistant tape, and others.


Transportation Automotive: Sealing materials, exterior decoration, internal parts, flame retardant tapes, car tapes, release papers, protective films, adhesive tapes, adhesives, label stickers, films, and others.


Housing Construction: Insulation and sound insulation, waterproof and antiseptic, surface protection material, fixing tape, retaining wall tape, floor tape, anti-skid tape, zebra tape, carpet tape, landmark tape, fireproof tape, antifreeze tape, explosion-proof film, protective film, and others.


Medical tape categories: external tape, medical aids, adhesive tape, polyimide tape, cloth tape, protective film, and others.


Industrial products: adhesive tapes, protective films, conforming materials, films, labels/films, glues, masking tapes, adhesive films, industrial tapes, optical tapes, and others.


Office supplies: stickers, sports tape, printing tape, color tape, masking tape, stationery tape, adhesive tape, gel application products, and others.


Packaging and packaging categories: adhesive tape, sealing tape, temporary packaging, transparent tape, labels, Mara tape, pipe tape, sealing tape, kraft paper tape, and other.


Environmental protection products: aluminum foil tape, green tape, solar tape, PTFE tape, fiber tape, and others.


Electronic products: electrical and electronic tape, double-sided tape, UV film, copper foil tape, Teflon tape, display screen, optical film, graphite film, graphite sheet, display and identification, protective film, foam tape, conductive tape, Silicone rubber tape, grid tape, polyester tape, glass fiber tape, non-woven tape, acetate cloth tape, masking tape, conductive cloth, and others.