The production method of transparent tape
- Oct 08, 2018 -

The tape is on the basis of the Bopp film after High-voltage Corona after the surface after the rough coated with glue after the split into small volume is our daily use of the Tape. Adhesive tape Glue is acrylic grease glue, also known as pressure sensitive adhesive, The main ingredient is tincture Grease. Tincture grease is a kind of macromolecule activity substance, and the temperature has certain influence on molecular Activity. The tincture of the glue has a direct effect on the usage of the adhesive tape.

Normal sealing tape of the initial adhesion between ≥ 13th (steel ball number), The thickness of the adhesive tape is generally 22 microns, is in line with the standard thickness. For the color of the tape is for the convenience of marking and masking purposes, generally beige and soil yellow more.

The color of the colored tape is the color of the Glue. The transparency of the original film can be seen by pulling the adhesive tape tightly and then pulling it away quickly.