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- Nov 17, 2018 -

1. Use, characteristics:

The composite flame retardant aluminum foil cloth tape is made of aluminum foil, glass fiber cloth and release paper by a unique advanced technology. It is made of high-performance coating adhesive. It is especially suitable for the sealing of the air duct system of the heating and cooling air-conditioning project, the sealing of the insulation of the heat-insulating veneer insulation nail, the repair of the damaged surface of the flame-retardant aluminum foil fiberglass cloth, and the insulation of the automobile and train compartment, the cold storage of the ship pipeline, etc. Anti-aging.


2. Specifications:

Aluminum foil thickness (mm): 0.007 Length (M): 30 40 45 50


3. Technical indicators:

(1) Adhesive: flame retardant type

(2)fiberglass cloth dense weave: 12 × 14 14 × 14

(3)fire rating: flame spread "0" level, surface diffusion "1" level

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