Black shading aluminum foil tape
- Oct 30, 2018 -


Black shading aluminum foil tape is made of aluminum foil as the base material, composite PET layer, coated surface coated with voltage sensitive adhesive, plus aluminum foil metal layer, in addition to good shading and electrical conductivity, it also has good flexibility and good bonding performance. The characteristics of use.


Black shading aluminum foil tape product features:


1. Good conductive shielding performance;

2, outstanding shading effect, effectively reducing side leakage;

3. Excellent adhesion and good fit;

4, easy to attach, no warping, no residual glue;

5, providing release paper, easy to die cutting and use.


The black shading foil tape is both a black shading tape and an aluminum foil conductive tape. It meets ROHS environmental regulations, and its application range is mainly for applications requiring shading and conductivity, from application substrate to backing, and needs to be insulated on the top of foil lining; LCD frame bonding, light shielding, grounding and EMI shielding It can also be used to fix PCBs or cables.