Aluminum Air Conditioner Tape

Aluminum air conditioner tape

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Aluminum air conditioner tape


 Aluminum air conditioner tape tape


990MM*50M/100M-1000M /customized.


 Aluminum Foil/Pressure-sensitive glue/release paper



Initial tack (Ball test)


180°peel adhesion(to stainless steel)


Holding power (to stainless steel)



1.EMI/RFI shielding

2.FOR  tin-plating tube sealing and for aluminum foil splicing and sealing

3.For refrigerator and air-conditioning tube temperature perserving.

Mainly used for the connection of pipelines such as the pipelines of computer monitors,computer peripherals wire and transformer manufacturing,central air conditioning pipe,smoke machine,refrigerator,water heater,etc.

Isolated electromagnetic interference during the transmission of wire,cable,precision electronic products,computer equipment and other   high-frequency equipment.

To prevent the high temperature spontaneous combustion.Besides,it   has a positive effect on electrostatic discharge after the ground.

Heat transfer of electronics industry,aerospace and automotive manufacturing industry,refrigerator industry,air duct wrap and duct sealing;For the electronics industry,refrigerator and other refrigeration industry,cold steam pipe wrap and duct sealing.

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